Team NDORS The official racing team of nit durgapur Also known as NIT DURGAPUR OFF ROAD SPORTS. It is a team comprising of 25 passionate and delegate member which works altogether to design, analyse and fabricate an all terrain vehicle to take part in all india BAJA SAE SERIES.The first atv developed by team NDORS was in 2014 and since then Team NDORS is taking part in BAJA SAE SERIES and showing their glory. The atv formed is tested in all possible ways such as endurance, climbing ,braking and acceleration etc. Past year Team NDORS secured 4th position among IIT’S and NIT’S and this year also Team NDORS has qualified for the competition and is ready to make their presence felt.


We, team NDORS, have been successful in conducting workshops in various colleges and educational institutions on Automobile Engineering. One such college, besides our own NIT Durgapur, was IIEST Shibpur who had us organizing a workshop for the students there. By such ventures we have instilled among the students the awareness about BAJA and the motivation to participate more in the competition. In our workshop we teach the students the basics of our 5 departments, namely- roll cage, braking, suspension, powertrain and steering. This not only arouses their interest, but also helps them to learn more on their own.


The team consist of 25 members including a Captain and A vice Captain. The team is further divided into 5 departments: which are
1. Power Train
2. Suspension
3. Braking
4. Steering
5. Rollcage
This year Team NDORS is lead by Captain DIVYANSHU BAJPAI and vice captain PRANEET KUMAR SAHOO

Divyanshu Bajpai

Divyanshu Bajpai

Praneet Kumar Sahoo